What is APDEC?

APDEC was born from IDEC(International Democratic Education Conference). IDEC is the conference where youth and adults concerning to democratic education come together once a year. Participants share their experiences and discuss about the current issues. Through the IDECs, the participants from Asia and Pacific area want to have regional gatherings and more. We share similar situations more less than all the international situations and moreover, we are neighbors.

APDEC 2020 in Nepal

15th – 20th October 2020

At:Kathmandu, Nepal
Organizer: Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir


Sydney APDEC(2019)

APDEC2019 was held in Sydney Australia from 15th till 20th July. The venue belongs to the national park. We enjoyed lots of conversations and rich nature. We spent two days at Currambena School and Kinma School during conference. All the participants moved to these two schools each day. This year is the special year for Currambena people because of 50 year anniversary. Thank you for great organizers, especially Currambena people.



APDEC2018 was held in Bangalore, India. ECC is the name of the conference site. It has rich nature. We enjoy birds singing and pleasant breeze. This APDEC was also IDEC2018. The participants are from many parts of the world.
We could hear the children anytime through the conference. Many children were from  India, Nepal, etc.




TOKYO APDEC was held in August 2017. Japan Free School Network and Shure University organized TOKYO APDEC. So many people participated this conference from more than 15 countries. We shared regional situation and individual school activities each other.






TAIWAN APDEC was held in July,2016 at Holistic school which is Democratic school in Taiwan. This is the first APDEC. The Graduates of Holistic School organized this conference. We had hart warming meetings and good communication.